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  • CPU: Ryzen 9 7900 (non x) highly efficient 65 watt TDP, lower power consumption for power saving and easier heat management; unlocked and overclocking capabilities available- 12 core/ 24 thread processor

  • AMD Wraith Prism RGB- Air cooling heatsink and fan provides adequate cooling for CPU and surrounding components 

  • Kingston 1TB PCIe 4.0 m.2 nvme with high speed data transfer 

  • 32GB DDR5 6000MHz RAM

  • 650 watt Rosewill power supply

  • Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Founder's Edition Graphics card 

  • Be.Quiet! 140mm exhaust fan set up atop case along with Arctic 1x80mm fan (bottom rear) exhaust for additional air flow

  • Montech ATX case with 3 x 120mm intake and 1 x 120mm exhaust fans for good airflow

  • Seagate 1TB  7200rpm sATA HDD for increased storage space

  • 1 x 240GB Inland sATA SSD

The "Black Out" custom PC - MSI B650 Pro m/b Ryzen9 7900

SKU: A1506-b65r90
$1,750.00 Regular Price
$1,575.00Sale Price
  • Physical

    Socket: AMD Socket AM5
    Foundry: TSMC
    Process Size: 5 nm
    Transistors: 13,140 million
    Die Size: 2x 71 mm²
    I/O Process Size: 6 nm
    I/O Die Size: 122 mm²
    Package: FC-LGA1718
    tCaseMax: 47°C
    tJMax: 95°C


    Market: Desktop
    Production Status: Active
    Release Date: Jan 14th, 2023
    Launch Price: $429
    Part#: 100-000000590
    Bundled Cooler: Wraith Prism


    Frequency: 3.7 GHz
    Turbo Clock: up to 5.4 GHz
    Base Clock: 100 MHz
    Multiplier: 37.0x
    Multiplier Unlocked: Yes
    TDP: 65 W
    PPT: 142 W


    Codename: Raphael
    Generation: Ryzen 9
    (Zen 4 (Raphael))
    Memory Support: DDR5-5200 MHz
    ECC Memory: Yes
    PCI-Express: Gen 5, 24 Lanes
    (CPU only)
    Chipsets: X670E, X670, B650E, B650

    Core Config

    # of Cores: 12
    # of Threads: 24
    SMP # CPUs: 1
    Integrated Graphics: Radeon Graphics


    Cache L1: 64K (per core)
    Cache L2: 1MB (per core)
    Cache L3: 64MB (shared)
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