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Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 Founder's Editon Graphics Card, Dual Fan Graphics Card; Founder's Cooling Solution, High Quality Components; New

Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 Founder's Editon Graphics Card

SKU: GNF437x80
  • GPU Engine Specs: NVIDIA CUDA® Cores 6144 5888
      Boost Clock (GHz) 1.77 1.73
      Base Clock (GHz) 1.58 1.50
    Memory Specs: Standard Memory Config 8 GB GDDR6X 8 GB GDDR6
      Memory Interface Width 256-bit 256-bit
    Technology Support: Ray Tracing Cores 2nd Generation 2nd Generation
      Tensor Cores 3rd Generation 3rd Generation
      NVIDIA Architecture Ampere Ampere
      Microsoft DirectX® 12 Ultimate Yes Yes
      NVIDIA DLSS Yes Yes
      NVIDIA Reflex Yes Yes
      NVIDIA Broadcast Yes Yes
      PCI Express Gen 4 Yes Yes
      Resizable BAR Yes Yes
      NVIDIA® GeForce Experience™ Yes Yes
      NVIDIA Ansel Yes Yes
      NVIDIA FreeStyle Yes Yes
      NVIDIA ShadowPlay Yes Yes
      NVIDIA Highlights Yes Yes
      NVIDIA G-SYNC® Yes Yes
      Game Ready Drivers Yes Yes
      NVIDIA Studio Drivers Yes Yes
      NVIDIA Omniverse Yes Yes
      NVIDIA GPU Boost™ Yes Yes
      NVIDIA NVLink™ (SLI-Ready) - -
      Vulkan RT API, OpenGL 4.6 Yes Yes
      NVIDIA Encoder 7th Generation 7th Generation
      NVIDIA Decoder 5th Generation 5th Generation
      CUDA Capability 8.6 8.6
      VR Ready Yes Yes
    Display Support: Maximum Digital Resolution (1) 7680x4320 7680x4320
      Standard Display Connectors HDMI(2), 3x DisplayPort(3) HDMI(2), 3x DisplayPort(3)
      Multi Monitor 4 4
      HDCP 2.3 2.3
    Founders Edition Card Dimensions: Length 10.5" (267 mm) 9.5" (242 mm)
      Width 4.4" (112 mm) 4.4" (112 mm)
      Slot 2-Slot 2-Slot
    Founders Edition Thermal Power Specs: Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 93 93
      Graphics Card Power (W) 290 220
      Required System Power (W) (4) 750 650
      Supplementary Power Connectors 2x PCIe 8-pin
    (adapter to 1x 12-pin included)
    1x PCIe 8-pin
    (adapter to 1x 12-pin included)
  • Component is new and in excellent condition only used for testing and a handfull of times without any high loads, and should still be covered by Nvidia limited warranty

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