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Geforce GTX 970 FTW+ 4G ACX 2.0 from EVGA like new, only used for about ~1.5 years and not pushed very hard, just browsing an very light gaming

Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 - EVGA FTW+ ACX 2.0 4G GDDR5

SKU: GNE097x4fw0
$325.00 Regular Price
$240.00Sale Price
  • EVGA Geforce GTX 970 FTW+ ACX2.0 

    Pixel Rate
    73.70 GPixel/s

    Texture Rate
    136.9 GTexel/s

    FP32 (float)
    4.380 TFLOPS

    FP64 (double)

    136.9 GFLOPS (1:32)

    Shading Units






    SMM Count


    L1 Cache

    48 KB (per SMM)

    L2 Cache

    2 MB

    Base Clock
    1165 MHz (+11%)

    Boost Clock
    1316 MHz (+12%)

    Memory Clock

    1753 MHz
    7 Gbps effective

    Memory Size

    4 GB

    Memory Type


    Memory Bus

    256 bit


    224.4 GB/s

  • Component is in very good /near new looking condition not used much throughout for any heavy gaming or high loads, EVGA may still have extended limited warranty possibly, they have very good customer support but nonetheless would not expect this part to have any problems for a long time.

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