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The flagship, most powerful PC of Intel's 12th generation alderlake processors 

Intel core i9-12900KS CPU

SKU: Ci1129ks1
$550.00 Regular Price
$440.00Sale Price
  • Physical

    Socket: Intel Socket 1700
    Foundry: Intel
    Process Size: 10 nm
    Die Size: 215 mm²
    Package: FC-LGA16A
    tCaseMax: 72°C
    tJMax: 115°C


    Market: Desktop
    Production Status: Active
    Release Date: Apr 5th, 2022
    Launch Price: $739
    Part#: SRLDD


    Frequency: 3.4 GHz
    Turbo Clock: up to 5.5 GHz
    P-Core Turbo: 5.2 GHz
    P-Core Boost 3.0: 5.3 GHz
    E-Core Frequency: 2.5 GHz
    up to 4 GHz
    Base Clock: 100 MHz
    Multiplier: 34.0x
    Multiplier Unlocked: Yes
    TDP: 150 W
    PL1: 241 W
    PL2: 241 W
    PL2 Tau Limit: Unlimited


    Codename: Alder Lake-S
    Generation: Core i9
    (Alder Lake-S)
    Memory Support: DDR4, DDR5
    DDR4 Speed: 3200 MT/s
    DDR5 Speed: 4800 MT/s
    ECC Memory: No
    PCI-Express: Gen 5, 20 Lanes
    (CPU only)
    Chipset: Z690

    Core Config

    # of Cores: 16
    # of Threads: 24
    Hybrid Cores: P-Cores: 8
    E-Cores: 8
    SMP # CPUs: 1
    Integrated Graphics: UHD Graphics 770


    Cache L1: 80K (per core)
    Cache L2: 1.25MB (per core)
    Cache L3: 30MB (shared)
    E-Core L1: 96K (per core)
    E-Core L2: 2MB (per module)
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