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Two full PC systems within one case. PC 1 components:

  • z590 Aorus Master, Gigabyte motherboard ATX
  • Intel core i9 10850k 10 core 20 thread CPU
  • 32Gb DDR4 2x16 3000 MHz 
  • Nvidia RTX 2080  EVGA Hybrid
  • 650 watt PSU 80+ Gold
  • 2 TB PNY PCIe 3.0 solid state drive
  • Lian Li 240 ARGB Galahad CPU cooler
  • 480Gb 2.5" SATA solid state drive additional 
  • 7 x 120mm ARGB Fans
  • PCIE 4.0 Riser cable (for GPU)

System 2:

  • AsRock H470 ITX (mini-ITX form factor)
  • 550 watt PSU
  • Intel i5-10400 CPU
  • 2 x 16Gb DDR4 3200MHz RAM
  • Thermaltake Low profile CPU cooler- Fan & Heatsink for

Both housed in a single Phenteks Enthoo 719 Tower Dual PC Case 

The "Double" custom PC - Double System w/ Z590 Aorus Master and AsRock H570M-ITX

SKU: i0120-zh59i9ki50
$4,700.00 Regular Price
$2,350.00Sale Price
  • Intel Core core i9-10850k


    Socket: Intel Socket 1200
    Foundry: Intel
    Process Size: 14 nm
    Die Size: 206 mm²
    Package: FC-LGA1200
    tCaseMax: 72°C
    tJMax: 100°C


    Market: Desktop
    Production Status: Active
    Release Date: Jul 27th, 2020
    Part#: SRK51


    Frequency: 3.6 GHz
    Turbo Clock: up to 5.2 GHz
    Base Clock: 100 MHz
    Multiplier: 36.0x
    Multiplier Unlocked: Yes
    TDP: 125 W
    PL1: 125 W
    PL2: 250 W


    Codename: Comet Lake
    Generation: Core i9
    (Comet Lake)
    Memory Support: DDR4-2933 MHz
    ECC Memory: No
    PCI-Express: Gen 3, 16 Lanes
    (CPU only)
    Chipsets: H410, B460, H470, Z490

    Core Config

    # of Cores: 10
    # of Threads: 20
    SMP # CPUs: 1
    Integrated Graphics: UHD Graphics 630


    Cache L1: 64K (per core)
    Cache L2: 256K (per core)
    Cache L3: 20MB (shared)
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